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What is Exo?

When others give up, Exo carries on

Exo B2B is a strategic and operational marketing company specialized in B2B marketing. Our experience in B2B is at your service with customized, creative solutions based on your needs and expectations.

B2B is in Exo’s DNA since 2002, and what we do is based on the integration of sales and marketing functions through technologies and data.

Strategic Positioning, Strategic Planning, Inbound Marketing, Sales and marketing integration, marketing research, launch of product or creation?

Exo B2B can help, contact us!

Some news for Exo:

Benchmark: Best practices in sales and marketing of the IT industry in Quebec

For the Big Bang, an event organized by the AQT, Exo Lab and the AQT released a benchmark on the sales and marketing practices of IT cmpanies in Quebec.

How are Quebec companies using CRM, social media, marketing automation? Do they track their performance? How do they organize their campaigns? You will find a lot of information in this document!

Download the benchmark! (French only)