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planification strategique


We develop 360 degree knowledge of our environment, markets and businesses to build strategies that will have a legitimate impact.

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creation outils


We create powerful sales and marketing tools on the basis of the strategic planning results.

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service mise en marche


We offer management services, design services and production and distribution for the marketing of your products.

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service complementaires


Our turnkey programs have been developed in a way to deliver a project from A to Z, including all studies, provision of services and ready to operate support tools.

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Statistics that make you think and react!

  • 66%

    66% of organizations with aligned sales and marketing achieved revenue goals

  • 75%

    Revamped marketing automation and CRM technology drives 75% more leads

  • 32%

    Highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32% annual revenue growth

  • 67%

    Positive connection between sales and marketing closes deals 67% more often

Blog 100% dedicated to B2B integrated marketing

How to optimize your marketing campaign?

What is a marketing campaign?

We can define a marketing campaign by a set of actions taking place during a fixed amount of time that meets a specific goal, such as retention, prospecting, new product launches, etc.

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Discover ExoLab

Research lab dedicated to B2B companies research_report

ExoLab is a market research laboratory specializing in research for companies of all sizes and industries in the business to business (B2B).

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Information that will increase your sales and marketing performance

To attract new clients, Exo B2B offers a “Simple Guide to Building Online.
b2b online success

Exo B2B offers a simple guide. It presents 5 basic concepts in marketing.
b2b marketing strategy

We propose 5 essential steps to follow for a successful B2B product launch.

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