The pile of business cards


Monday morning, you’re back from an out of town trade show held from Wednesday to Friday of the week before. Your jacket is filled with a bunch of business cards, quickly stowed away in the heat of the moment. in one pocket, the “good” and in the other, the “not as good”. You’d jotted down… Read More

10 seconds to win a customer over


There, I said it. You only have 10 seconds, if that, to win a customer over on a cold call. By the way, show of hands, who likes doing cold calls? Think of a disaster film trailer, starting out with a black screen, a deep, serious voice and unsettling background music: “The elders fear it.”… Read More

When face to face, hyperconnectivity kills !


Let me say it straight: I hate hyperconnectivity altogether! It simply makes me mad when I’m at networking events, trade shows and galas, where people anxiously check their mobile for the latest push notifications, social media alerts, and text message when having a conversation with me. For that matter, why do attendees film galas or… Read More

Subcontractors, pimp your web site!


70% of our exports go towards our southern neighbors and the majority is with companies in the state of New York. Our American friends would do well to take advantage of our services, given how low the Canadian dollar is these days. Like any outsourcer, they are looking for suppliers who can deliver high quality products… Read More

Head south young man!


Did you know: Over 70% of Quebec’s exports go to the United States and the majority, to NY State? 4500 Quebec companies do business in the US? New York is only a 1 hour flight from Montreal? This is exactly what Jean-Claude Lauzon, the Delegate General of Quebec in New York, said at a dinner conference entitled… Read More

Generating quality leads


Every salesman will tell you that generating leads is in their view, the main purpose of marketing. When companies approach us for our services, they usually ask if we do prospect generation and in the same breath ask us how we do it, as if it were some magic formula, as if we could generate… Read More

12 differences between B2B and B2C marketing


Marketing to consumers is about the same as marketing to companies? If that was the case, buying a molten metal skimmer would be as simple as buying a bottle of shampoo, wouldn’t it? How are B2B and B2C marketing different? According to Circle Research, there are 12 differences between B2B and B2C marketing. (This is… Read More

Improve your chances of being “Googled” by your prospects!


How can you tell if you’ve been “Googled”? How can you validate that you are using the right vocabulary to be found? You should ask yourself these questions because it’s proven that prospects will have completed 80% of their purchasing process by the time they contact you. A frustrating situation Your analytics dashboard used to… Read More

Distinguishing strategy from tactics in marketing and B2B sales


Find the error in this statement: “Our strategy for next year will be to do more trade shows.” Strategy or tactic? In simpler terms : Tactic : do things correctly (actions) Strategy : do the right thing (intentions) All that is tangible, visible and concrete are tactics. This is why it’s easy to fall into the trap of… Read More

B2B development challenges for subcontractors, suppliers and outsourcing companies


Most Quebec subcontracting companies used to live off organic growth whatever the economic conditions. Now facing international and external competition, going through human resources renewal and experiencing the general trend in reducing the supply chain length, how will subcontracting companies adapt their business development and marketing to insure their survival and growth? About subcontracting? For… Read More