IRL: the importance of business relations in B2B


Their death was announced many times since the arrival of the web. Yet we see more and more industrial fairs, trade shows and events each year. In the digital age, why do we still need face to face contact when doing business? The long road of the web I spent several days calling hundreds of… Read More

What to do with inbound marketing leads in B2B?


You will surely agree that all sales leads from inbound marketing do not have the same priority. Then, how can you differentiate and treat them appropriately, within a sales cycle? A reminder about Inbound Marketing Inbound marketing is a set of tactics, tools and technologies dedicated to the generation and broadcast of authentic quality content… Read More

B2B: product approach vs market approach?

Dotted World Map

I recently attended to a cocktail event for manufacturers. Among other subjects, we discussed about the free trade agreement with Europe which is to come into effect within two years. Will your company take advantage of this new trading environment? Will European companies move here to nibble on our export shares in the United States?… Read More

How to successfully launch a B2B product abroad?


Which Canadian manufacturing, IT or service company has not, at some point in time, had intentions to export to our neighbors down south? Before taking on the US Apart from the regulatory and logistical questions,difficulties often come from a flawed game plan, the choice of tactics that are not specific enough or an average execution without sales… Read More

The importance of follow-up calls in B2B direct marketing


What is the role of the sales department after a B2B direct marketing campaign?

7 types of social media projects for B2B

Medias Sociaux B2B

In B2B, social media is not entertainment. It’s about doing business, facilitating purchases and, the sale of products and services. It is also often a question of disseminating knowledge to make the operation possible. This does not prevent a playful approach. But clearly, it’s all about business.

Product Launch in B2B, Top or Flop?

lancement produit B2B

56% of the respondents to our most recent study on the marketing activities of IT companies in B2B in Quebec (coming in November 2014) indicate that they launch a new product or service once a year. The risk of failure hangs over all of them and often, it is not because of their offer, but because of the execution of the launch.

What is your action plan for the new season?

plan affaire strategie segmentation

In recent days, I’ve coached sales teams in order to make the most of their accounts. They were asked to provide me with an action plan to get the most out of each of them. In this test, one submitted a plan that combines strategy, segmentation and actions, without requiring additional tools.

Bill C-28: an opportunity to clean up your database

loi c-28 nettoyer base de données

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law C-28(CASL) has been announced a while ago but most companies have just sent out their email about consent. It was shortly before July 1st, the date the law came into effect. Have you noticed that some of these emails came from organizations that have acquired your contact information by purchasing lists… Read More

The importance of an up to date sales funnel

L’importance d’un entonnoir de ventes à jour en marketing B2B

Who has never heard of the sales funnel? Who in sales doesn’t use one? Entrepreneurs should use this tool to preview sales and revenues but how many of them neglect this fantastic tool to generate forecasts? Here are some friendly reminders coming from everyday situations. Updating opportunities The moment I get involved in a sales… Read More