Generating quality leads


Every salesman will tell you that generating leads is in their view, the main purpose of marketing. When companies approach us for our services, they usually ask if we do prospect generation and in the same breath ask us how we do it, as if it were some magic formula, as if we could generate… Read More

12 differences between B2B and B2C marketing


Marketing to consumers is about the same as marketing to companies? If that was the case, buying a molten metal skimmer would be as simple as buying a bottle of shampoo, wouldn’t it? How are B2B and B2C marketing different? According to Circle Research, there are 12 differences between B2B and B2C marketing. (This is… Read More

Improve your chances of being “Googled” by your prospects!


How can you tell if you’ve been “Googled”? How can you validate that you are using the right vocabulary to be found? You should ask yourself these questions because it’s proven that prospects will have completed 80% of their purchasing process by the time they contact you. A frustrating situation Your analytics dashboard used to… Read More

Distinguishing strategy from tactics in marketing and B2B sales


Find the error in this statement: “Our strategy for next year will be to do more trade shows.” Strategy or tactic? In simpler terms : Tactic : do things correctly (actions) Strategy : do the right thing (intentions) All that is tangible, visible and concrete are tactics. This is why it’s easy to fall into the trap of… Read More

B2B development challenges for subcontractors, suppliers and outsourcing companies


Most Quebec subcontracting companies used to live off organic growth whatever the economic conditions. Now facing international and external competition, going through human resources renewal and experiencing the general trend in reducing the supply chain length, how will subcontracting companies adapt their business development and marketing to insure their survival and growth? About subcontracting? For… Read More

Set sail thanks to B2B strategic marketing planning

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Manufacturing SMEs that “perform significantly better” are those focused on strategic planning within the last 3 years. This is one of the findings of the 6th Québec Industrial Barometer from Sous-Traitance Industrielle Québec (STIQ) who annually surveys more than 400 SMEs to produce a portrait of the sector. By the way, half of the respondents… Read More

Before looking for resellers, VARs, agents and other type of B2B distribution…

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Revenues are flat or falling? “Let’s sign up partners and distributors!” says the sales director. In rough times like in new market penetration, distributors, value added resellers (VARs), partners, agents and channel partnerships are a normal sales director suggestion. Unfortunately, too many B2B companies invest without preparation in the magical world of channels. They more… Read More

IRL: the importance of business relations in B2B


Their death was announced many times since the arrival of the web. Yet we see more and more industrial fairs, trade shows and events each year. In the digital age, why do we still need face to face contact when doing business? The long road of the web I spent several days calling hundreds of… Read More

What to do with inbound marketing leads in B2B?


You will surely agree that all sales leads from inbound marketing do not have the same priority. Then, how can you differentiate and treat them appropriately, within a sales cycle? A reminder about Inbound Marketing Inbound marketing is a set of tactics, tools and technologies dedicated to the generation and broadcast of authentic quality content… Read More

B2B: product approach vs market approach?

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I recently attended to a cocktail event for manufacturers. Among other subjects, we discussed about the free trade agreement with Europe which is to come into effect within two years. Will your company take advantage of this new trading environment? Will European companies move here to nibble on our export shares in the United States?… Read More