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Lynda St-Arneault
- President
Alain Thériault
- Associate
Anne-Clotilde Charton
Jean Gougeon
- Web UX / UI, front-end dev
Vincent Cloutier-Naud
Marc Ruel
Aurèle Zannou
- Full stack web developer
Claude Malaison
Clothilde Eito
- Digital Marketing Specialist
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Top 10 most popular posts 2016 –#10 – Dealing with a “secret” manufacturing agent

As part of the countdown of our top 10 most popular blog posts of 2016, here’s number 10!  Many manufacturers rely on agents to represent them in niche markets or…

Read more 19 January 2017
 Claude Malaison

Your favorites: our top 10 B2B blog posts of 2016

The month of January is a good time to take our best guesses about the year ahead. These days you’ll find a plethora of blog posts, speciality press articles as…

Read more 17 January 2017
 Lynda St-Arneault

Grasshopper or Ant marketing?

Sort of the way you can find yourself putting the world to rights with your friends, we’ve been rethinking Exo B2B over the past few months. Our frame of mind…

Read more 22 December 2016
 Marc Ruel

Opinion: influencers

Why did it take so long to establish rules governing the commercial practices of influencers on social networks here in Canada? Maybe because we didn’t quite understand the nature of…

Read more 25 October 2016
 Claude Malaison

Does B2B marketing take itself too seriously folks?

Recently, while working on our web site’s redesign, it dawned on us that it would probably be a good idea to “rebuild” our SMN (Social Media Networks) policy while we…

Read more 18 October 2016
 Aurèle Zannou

B2B web site, Front-end verses Back-end

When you begin designing a website for your B2B business, soon enough, you and your team will be faced with the question: should we put more energy on the functional…

Read more 13 October 2016
 Marc Ruel

5 things you absolutely need in order to write blogs in B2B

Blogs are of course a great way to attract traffic to your website. Imagine: fresh and interesting content on your site every week. People finding you when they google a…

Read more 22 September 2016
 Anne-Clotilde Charton

The power of CRM reports

When it comes time to choose a CRM solution for your business, technical considerations are usually the first things that spring to mind. Can the solution easily integrate with existing…

Read more 20 September 2016
 Jean Gougeon

How to create a successful B2B website

There are more outdated B2B websites out there than you think. It’s likely because many B2B companies have put their efforts into their direct contacts and relationships, and have been…

Read more 15 September 2016
 Alain Thériault

Back to work trends in B2B Marketing

Autumn is always a busy time for businesses and this year will be no exception. Several US B2B agencies have already published their B2B marketing trends earlier this year, so…

Read more 8 September 2016

Some tips to increase conversion on your web site

In a previous blog, I explained the importance of setting targets on your website, based on what you want your users to accomplish. For this post, I’ll focus on their…

Read more 25 August 2016
 Lynda St-Arneault

Excelling in B2B marketing, like an Olympian

Excelling in B2B marketing, like an Olympian, is possible with rigor, perseverance and discipline. I’m a former national caliber swimmer and although I can’t claim to be an Olympian, I’ve…

Read more 23 August 2016

The pile of business cards

Monday morning, you’re back from an out of town trade show held from Wednesday to Friday of the week before. Your jacket is filled with a bunch of business cards,…

Read more 29 June 2016

5 tips for a good start on Google AdWords

AdWords is easy to use and accessible to all! Anyone with a computer screen and a credit card can get up one morning and say, “Let’s go! I’m gonna use…

Read more 22 June 2016
 Jean Gougeon

Using WordPress? Don’t forget to update and backup

A broken website is a useless website You spent months and invested thousands of dollars to have your new website available for the entire world to view, generate visits, leads…

Read more 8 June 2016
 Claude Malaison

Inbound marketing: Who are the real influencers?

Today we are publishing a post from our guest blogger Claude Malaison, a Québec commentator on all things digital and communications. See his blog, emergeance web   A lot has…

Read more 7 June 2016


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