What makes us different

We are specialists in B2B marketing

B2B (business to business) marketing is very different from B2C marketing (business to customers, consumers). The buying process is a lot longer, more complex and better thought-out than in B2C. The B2B success factors are very different from those of the B2C marketing. The best guarantee of success is to apply thought to B2B marketing, and not an adaptation of the B2C marketing. For effective results, it is important to deal with specialists who understand your business environment.

Integrated marketing is our approach

We integrate strategic marketing discipline services relating to the technology and the use of the channels of communication and distribution, online and offline to support the sales force. Our team combines experience in e-marketing and traditional marketing because they go hand in hand.

Our global vision

We analyze different market segments; trends, competitors and clients, sales and communication channels, the company capabilities and the reality in which it evolves. In short, we take into account everything when we work. We strive to cover all your bases, from strategy to execution.

The right tools at your service

A good strategy is the consequence of data based on a rigorous methodolody and a precise and objective choice of tools. Whether it is for customer relationship with a CRM (Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Salesforce…), marketing automation (Marketo, Hubspot…) or broadcasting and monitoring (Hootsuite, Buffer…), Exo B2B is committed to choose the tool that is adapted to your needs and your reality.

We are unbiased

We are interested in your business problem, and the solutions we propose are the result of a detailed analysis of your situation. We are independent and as such, we maintain a full objectivity on the choice of interventions and tools that we offer when we develop solutions.

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