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Your website is more than store front

Your website is more than a store front. It should, of course, put forward your offers, your products and your expertise. It must showcase your team and show how it differentiates from the competition.

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Direct mail is not dead, it simply evolved!

Direct marketing

Snail mail or traditional direct mail is still a viable solution in a sound marketing strategy. Even though the digital era has decimated the industry with relatively low cost email campaign solutions and the omnipresent social media sites, there are statistics that show that receiving a piece of mail in your mailbox is still very effective:

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CRM stands for more than Customer Relationship Management

crm stands for more than customer relationship management

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is the perfect tool to decompartmentalize the perception of clients coming from the different services within a company. The ultimate goal of a CRM is to put the client at the center of the preoccupations and the information systems of the company in order to get a better a comprehensive view.

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B2B Direct Marketing: Measure and follow up with the sales team

b2b direct marketing

In the second part of this article, I will tackle the measuring of the campaign and the follow up with the sales team. Since we work in integrated B2B marketing, it’s very important to align the efforts of the marketing team to that of the sales team during and after the launch of the direct marketing campaign.

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7 types of social media projects for B2B

Medias Sociaux B2B

In B2B, social media is not entertainment. It’s about doing business, facilitating purchases and, the sale of products and services. It is also often a question of disseminating knowledge to make the operation possible. This does not prevent a playful approach. But clearly, it’s all about business.

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Does direct marketing still work in 2014?

marketing direct

According to B2B Marketing, direct marketing (also called “direct mail”) remains one of the most powerful tools of communication and a key element of the marketing mix in B2B, especially if it’s combined with online marketing tactics.

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