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Exo B2B seized the importance of blogging in a business context in 2009. Since that time, hundreds of blogs have been published. They deal with news and best practices in the areas of integrated marketing, sales, and businesses in the B2B market.

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What are you doing from July 19 to August 3?

Here we are! Next project: holidays!

If you are like us, it’s time to finish your mandates, make sure everything is organized on the logistic, administrative and technical side before closing the office for two weeks. Whether you have a planned trip or not, holidays are always a treat.

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Bill C-28: an opportunity to clean up your database

Follow The Canadian Anti-Spam Law C-28(CASL) has been announced a while ago but most companies have just sent out their email about consent. It was shortly before July 1st, the date the law came into effect. Have you noticed that some of these emails came from organizations that have acquired your contact information by purchasing lists and databases. I’m sure you have received some perfect examples of the best and …

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How to test the distribution of your ads on Adwords

Follow Did you ever wonder whether or not there were tools available to test the diffusion of Adwords ads in other countries, or those of your competitors? In order to know more, I did some research and found some tools, free or not, to do so. I’d like to precise it is important to use these tools in order not to have a bias in the results of your campaigns. …

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How to manage marketing campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Follow This blog article comes as a follow up to one of my previous articles which dealt with marketing campaigns. Let’s look at the use of marketing campaigns in a specific CRM: MS CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The key to managing marketing campaigns for this CRM revolves mainly around the following fields: Lead Source This field is where you put the origin of the prospect in the Lead field …

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Define your web editorial striking zone for better conversion.

Follow Yesterday I attended the Yulbiz meeting in Montreal, where Muriel Vandermeulen, a European specialist in writing and Webcast, hosted a conference that was entitled Writing for the Web: How to implement an editorial marketing strategy that ensures visibility and conversion. More than 100 participants, bloggers, translators, specialists in communication and marketing and so on had attended to hear and learn more about content marketing. For my part, the words …

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The C-28 anti-spam law: a difficult pill to swallow, at first

Follow Only a few days remain before Bill C-28 comes into action, which foresees punitive action against spam, which still too often lands in your inbox. This law is particularly frightening when you look at the chapter of sanctions; in private recourse, the sanctions can climb from 200 $ to 1 000 000$! Despite everything, I am convinced that companies will only gain when conforming to this new law. And you, are …

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The importance of an up to date sales funnel

Follow Who has never heard of the sales funnel? Who in sales doesn’t use one? Entrepreneurs should use this tool to preview sales and revenues but how many of them neglect this fantastic tool to generate forecasts? Here are some friendly reminders coming from everyday situations. Updating opportunities The moment I get involved in a sales force coaching mandate, my first action is to get the corporate sales funnel graph …

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Universal Analytics is no longer in beta version

Following up on a blog I had written in November 2013: Universal Analytics, what comes after Google Analytics, the Google Analytics code, ga.js will not no longer be functional as of April 2016. For the moment, Google makes it possible for us to migrate, even in the Universal Analytics version, but soon enough the migration will be done automatically. It will be important to modify the follow-up codes on each page of your web site. Be sure to allow enough time to do this.

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SEO: Down with the keywords dictatorship!

The foundations of a content writer’s work look like lists. Those lists are more or less long, with a lot of words juxtaposed together. We call them keywords, and they’re here to make Google and its mighty algorithm happy.

The idea is pretty simple. It is all about writing texts full of keywords which are looked for a lot in search engines. This way, Google assumes the content is pertinent and makes it rise in the search results. As a consequence, the website is more visible, with more visits and therefore more conversions. It is ideal for clients, and being found on Google’s first page is a key for online success.

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