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Exo B2B seized the importance of blogging in a business context in 2009. Since that time, hundreds of blogs have been published. They deal with news and best practices in the areas of integrated marketing, sales, and businesses in the B2B market.

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Lean Management and Marketing : can they work hand in hand?

‘Lean’ is an approach that aims to optimize business performance by focusing on continuous improvement and eliminating waste in industrial environments. It is widely used in the automobile industry from a manufacturing standpoint, but we also talk about it in terms of marketing.

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What is your action plan for the new season?

In recent days, I’ve coached sales teams in order to make the most of their accounts. They were asked to provide me with an action plan to get the most out of each of them. In this test, one submitted a plan that combines strategy, segmentation and actions, without requiring additional tools.

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Case study: email campaigns STILL work!


Email marketing campaigns may seem like a thing of the past. These were the first online marketing tactics, a way to adapt direct marketing to what was then a new technology. In an era of social networking, inbound marketing and constant “new technologies”, email marketing campaigns appear as something dated or obsolete.

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The “word” content is as clear as mud

But if you think about it, the word “content” means everything… therefore it means nothing at all. So you can expect amalgams or absurdities in your “content” which, unfortunately, will interest no one.

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The great debate : what images for your website

You probably already know that the design of a website is not an easy task. It is a challenge of organization, information, architecture, data, etc. To produce a site with easy, intuitive navigation (called User Experience – UX), and clear and persuasive information, you may need to be imaginative. If structure and UX are paramount, it also requires that the site is consistent with what the client wants to convey. …

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How to properly evaluate the production cost of a Web site

When you work in the web industry, you always end up having to estimate the cost of a web site. Even using a free CMS, such as Wordpress, the cost of production varies, usually in function of the time spent on the project. Building a website using Wordpress can easily range from $ 1,000 for a web page to $ 100,000 for a full site. The price difference can be justified by several factors.

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What are you doing from July 19 to August 3?

Here we are! Next project: holidays!

If you are like us, it’s time to finish your mandates, make sure everything is organized on the logistic, administrative and technical side before closing the office for two weeks. Whether you have a planned trip or not, holidays are always a treat.

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Bill C-28: an opportunity to clean up your database

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law C-28(CASL) has been announced a while ago but most companies have just sent out their email about consent. It was shortly before July 1st, the date the law came into effect. Have you noticed that some of these emails came from organizations that have acquired your contact information by purchasing lists and databases. I’m sure you have received some perfect examples of the best and worst …

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