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Exo B2B seized the importance of blogging in a business context in 2009. Since that time, hundreds of blogs have been published. They deal with news and best practices in the areas of integrated marketing, sales, and businesses in the B2B market.

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B2B website: it’s all about being legitimate

We often list here the many differences between B2B and B2C. The main difference is the very nature of the purchase decision. In B2C, the decision is impulsive and based on affect, whereas in B2B, the purchase decision takes longer and needs to be thought out. The purchase decision in B2B has to take into account many more things than in B2C. Therefore, the reasons and influences of the decision are different.

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How to stay up to date with web development?

Are you overwhelmed by all the new web technologies coming out every day? You’ve heard about HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, AngularJS, Node.js, Boostrap and Foundation? Wondering if you should invest time and energy to learn all of the latest web techniques? Even if you do invest time, it would be impossible to master them all. How is it possible to update all the web practices?

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How to create a landing page that will convert in B2B

Last May, I started an Adwords campaign about Cryptolocker, a computer virus of the “ransomware” kind that affected a growing number of companies. The campaign was commissioned by Équipe Microfix, a company that specializes in IT infrastructure and IT.

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Why you should consider a Situation Analysis in Strategic Marketing in B2B

Situation analysis in strategic marketing in B2B [1]can be seen as a “turn off” for some prospects, who only see it as an ordinary transfer of knowledge. Some would even say something like “if you’re good at it, you don’t need to go through all of this before acting”. Acting here means communicating (PR, direct sales, advertisement…). And in order to be actually profitable, communication must be precise and efficient.

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5 tips to pick the right kind of survey in B2B

You are preparing to conduct a survey on a market that interests you. First, ask yourself: in which way will people respond to my questionnaire? Here are some solutions to help you choose between a telephone, web, or in person survey.

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A Few Tips for a Successfull Implementation of a CRM Solution

Since 1990, customer relationship management software, or CRM’s, has been developed with one main motto; to develop a 360-degree view of customers. The most forward-thinking companies are well on their fourth or fifth generation of a CRM, while others slowly but surely, are getting into the implementation of a solution to manage their customer relationships. Yet it’s clear that there are still possible pitfalls and costs involved and a shortfall …

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How to carry out a ranking strategy in B2B?

Everyone wants to be well ranked on search engines. To do this, it is important to start a ranking strategy early in the design of your website. A ranking strategy is composed of three steps: optimizing on a technical level, optimization in terms of content and optimizing with links. Optimizing on a technical level This step is about the structure of the site. Google will see what is important in …

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Product Launch in B2B, Top or Flop?

56% of the respondents to our most recent study on the marketing activities of IT companies in B2B in Quebec (coming in November 2014) indicate that they launch a new product or service once a year. The risk of failure hangs over all of them and often, it is not because of their offer, but because of the execution of the launch.

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