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Exo B2B seized the importance of blogging in a business context in 2009. Since that time, hundreds of blogs have been published. They deal with news and best practices in the areas of integrated marketing, sales, and businesses in the B2B market.

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How to optimize your marketing campaign?

What is a marketing campaign?

We can define a marketing campaign by a set of actions taking place during a fixed amount of time that meets a specific goal, such as retention, prospecting, new product launches, etc.

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Heartbleed, the biggest loophole experienced by the internet

Imaged by a red heart, this is what we have nicknamed the ‘Heartbleed’ bug. The web community is facing a virtual, but very real, threat. Is your confidential information compromised? What is this threat? Have I been affected or defrauded? Should I take action to protect myself? At a time when e-commerce seems to be taking off, should this situation question everything? For the majority of web users, it is …

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Five good reasons to use Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords is a widely used and developed web marketing strategy nowadays. The Google ad service allows you to display banners and ads related to keywords. Here are five good reasons to use this tool for your marketing campaign.
It is interesting to note that Google Adwords works hand in hand with Google Analytics and it is important to use both tools at the same time to get more out of your campaigns.

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4 funnels, one goal: increase sales

Today, I’ll be speaking on funnels … They all have the same shape and all have the same goal, although as you will see by reading this blog, they all have their own peculiarities.

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Being viral, Marketing’s new favorite weapon

Social networks have changed the internet. Everyone knows what it is and everyone says you must be present and active, and also to share good content. This is rule number one. Rule number two is, “create a buzz” and “be viral.” So what exactly is this?
Let’s take an example : Selfies.

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4 points to make a great Focus Group

The focus group is often used in marketing research, in a B2B or B2C context. This exercise is part of a process of qualitative research, for which the success depends on good preparation and rigorous procedures. Here are some points to remember about focus groups.

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Lesson learned from an innovative solution sale that went sour

It is common for B2B companies to introduce new products, services or innovations in the market which answer a business problem. The sale of such a novelty often goes through the technical decision-maker, which, with some additional effort, will win over the economic decision-maker. Although essential in the sales or purchase process, several other stakeholders are taken for granted, ignored or worse, simply unknown. Missing out on a sale because …

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Excellent in R&D, Quebec B2B companies must also excel in product launch

Quebec is recognized as a wealth of creative minds in culture, but also within our businesses. Fourth in the world behind Sweden, Japan and Switzerland but ahead of the United States and Germany, Quebec shines in R&D in proportion to its GDP. On the other hand, there is a huge downside to bear. According to the Deloitte report entitled Update on Quebec manufacturing, “Quebec is in the forefront of research and development (R&D), but has difficulty in launching innovation.”

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CRM: the perfect tool to manage client value

The functionalities of CRM software are becoming more numerous as they follow the latest technologies. People in charge should therefore keep in mind the primary goal of a CRM, which is to build client equity, and thus increase the profitability of its customers. To maximize the profitability of their clients, companies must implement a client value management process. Client value Client value is determined by the number associated with the …

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Canadian anti-spam Act (Bill C-28): how to deal with it?

This article aims to educate you on Bill C-28, which will come into effect on July 1, 2014. This new law, which has been established by the Government of Canada, was created to deter and reduce unwanted emails known as spam. However, all companies must comply. According to the Industry Canada website: The purpose of the law is to “discourage the sending of spam in Canada, in the most dangerous …

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