Our team

The EXOtypes

The Exo B2B team is composed of experts in strategic planning, creation and diffusion of marketing and sales tools and the market implementation of products and services. Driven by values and the mission of the company, the ExoTypes assist you with passion in the development of your business and your sales force management according to your needs and budgets.

Daniel Dorais

Daniel Dorais

Associate – Sales force management and strategic planning

The EXOcollaborators

We complete our team by working with experts in their fields of expertise.

These are the professionals with whom we have an established business relationship and that we selected because they share the same values as we do.

  • Marketing research
  • Web programming
  • Artistic direction
  • Graphic design (Web and print)
  • Creative thinking and advertising design
  • Drafting and translations
  • Tele-sales (generated from clientele)
  • Sales management
  • Etc.