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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning

Marketing Research and Strategic Development for your Company

Marketing is a science much more than an art, even if we often only see the “creative” purpose of marketing through advertising, product brochures or a sales presentation. The practice of marketing is based on the scientific and methodological rigour to increase performance in a tangible way.

Exo B2B has developed its own method of analysis and planning to ensure the strategies developed are innovative and winning, so that they not only stand out from the competition but also that their deployment will create permanent value for its customers. This is what we call our strategic planning process.

Our range of services in strategic planning has been modeled after this process and is divided into 2 categories: research marketing and strategic development.

Exo B2B quickly understood the nature of the AGT Group and its range of products and services. We felt confident. They took over the process and were very professional. We are very satisfied with the work provided by Exo B2B.

- Louis Dicaire, vp marketing
AGT Group

Research marketing

Marketing activities are too often carried out from preconceptions or gathering of collective decisions. Research marketing allows your company to grow on a solid foundation.

“The Exo B2B research allowed us to understand the client, his behavior, and the way he views our company and competitors. This helps to situate us and make the right strategic decisions and to be effective in our communications. The Exo B2B team showed great professionalism and delivered an accurate, complete and clear report, with recommendations that exceeded our requests. Today, I keep this report on my desk and consult it regularly. It has become a reference tool. ”

- Sylvain Blais, Marketing Director
Barrette Structural

Strategic development

When the bases have been established on data collected during the stages of research, a strategic development plan is put together in order to move your business towards its success.

  • Strategic positioning
  • Positioning strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales strategy


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