Video: Data and Artificial Intelligence in B2B marketing: leverage them to boost growth!

14 March 2017 by    Alain Thériault

A series of videos on two must-follow trends in B2B Marketing: Data and Artificial Intelligence

Alex Sereno, Marketing and Communications Director at Café Barista (microtorrefactors since 2004) has been exploiting data for a long time. Discover with Alain Thériault, Partner at Exo B2B how he leverages it to propel his business’ growth and extend its communication.

This video is the first in Exo’s new spring series on data and artificial intelligence (AI).


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About Alain Thériault

If a man does not walk at the same pace as his companions, it may be that he does not hear the same drum. Let him follow the music he hears! A former College dropout, Alain has that out-of-the-box thinking that enables him to come up with creative solutions. He went back to school to study guidance counseling and after a few years of work in the field, went back again, to earn an MBA. A bachelor of Education and an MBA in marketing is not exactly your typical learning path! Yet, that odd match was exactly what allowed him to become the General Manager of the University of Montreal's entrepreneurship center. Being… Read more

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