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As you know, email campaigns are essential to your B2B marketing strategy. As we often repeat here at Exo,  Emails are fundamentally important for B2B lead generation, and getting the word out about your company, its products, services, your offers , and so on.

To take full advantage of this wonderful tool, it’s important to respect a few “golden rules”. This  will ensure your email gets into your recipient’s mailbox without heading straight to the “spam” folder.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about C28, Canada’s Anti Spam Law (CASL). The purpose of this law is to protect Canadians from unsolicited spam. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to respect certain rules in order not to be penalized.

Here is a list of tips that we strongly recommend you follow, for efficient and effective emails.

Configure your campaign

Before starting your email, think about its initial settings.  Several factors should be taken into consideration:

Name your campaign: This is mostly for yourself. Giving it a specific name will help you find it more easily in your email campaign tool as well as in your CRM. This will reduce confusion when it comes time to analyze it.

Domain and sender name: Using your own domain optimizes email reception. The sender’s name is also important to the recipient. Use a person’s name instead of a department or service.

The senders address: Use a real e-mail address. “no-reply” almost certainly means banishment to the spam folder.

Carefully craft your email subject

The very first thing your recipients see is the subject of your email! Your subject header must be impactful and must encourage them to open it. The subject header should be in line with several best practices:

  • Don’t exceed 100 characters (think mobile, where long titles don’t work out very well)
  • Be simple, precise and direct, encourage action
  • Use Actions Verbs
  • Use punctuation (in moderation)
  • Propose “exclusive” content
  • Avoid making brash offers that seem too aggressive

Respect the images/text ratio

Another reason your email may not get through is that it contains more images than text! A highly visual email containing only images is nice to look at, but isn’t appreciated by the receiving company’s webmail, which won’t think twice about tagging it as spam.

Even if your email is delivered correctly, there is a chance that the images won’t display, and only the ALT tags will show. To avoid this kind of problem, use a ratio of 60% text and 40% images. Why the ratio? Simply because true “spammers” don’t bother respecting it and webmail can easily identify them.

Don’t forget the unsubscribe link!

It’s mandatory and that’s that! Your recipients must have the choice to stop receiving your e-mails.

In what form? A simple link is sufficient. it must be free of charge, and must be followed up by a confirmation

Need advice for your emailing campaign?

The B2B marketing strategy specialists at Exo B2B, are here to help you get the best leverage from your emails. Contact us to find out more!

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