5 Content Marketing Lessons from Gene Simmons of KISS

Collaboration – June 13, 2012

I recently came across Marketo’s blog and had the pleasure of reading Jason Miller’s excellent article entitled “5 Content Marketing Lessons from Gene Simmons of KISS.” Immediately, I felt Exo Marketing Integrated B2B and Gene Simmons from KISS had something in common. Of course I’m not talking about the makeup, pyrotechnic effects or music! What I realized is that we both share a mutual agreement regarding the five lessons of content marketing expressed by Gene Simmons.

First, in B2B market research and the definition of an offer, it’s important for the content and the message to be adapted to the prospect’s vocabulary and structured via the channels that they use. Once they’ve been contacted, these prospects will be engaged in an information process that may turn them into “fans.” If these readers like what they read, they will be more likely to solicit your products and services because your product is the answer to their needs. Obviously, you cannot offer market solutions for everyone nor can you answer everyone’s needs. This could be bad, but for the most part is quite good as you will have clients whose needs are answered by your offer and for whom it has value… for life! If you go and read Miller’s article, you will easily understand how every lesson coming from “The Demon” can relate to B2B marketing.

Marketo’s article
5 Content Marketing Lessons from Gene Simmons of KISS
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Gene Simmons 
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