6 tips for a successful Facebook ad

Facebook has become an indispensable platform for generating traffic, leads, and sales through paid advertising, just like the very famous, Google Adwords. In addition to the great configuration of your campaign, it’s the content of your Facebook ad that will make all the difference in the eyes of the web surfer and, that will push them to make the famous conversion (visit, buy, subscribe, register, download …) you are looking for.

To help you build a strong Facebook advertising campaign, here are 6 tips you can follow to help make your ads more interesting, whether on a computer, mobile or tablet!

Set a clear goal with Facebook

The choice of a goal for your advertising is essential: it is the element that will determine the style and format that you will choose later on. This can be done by improving your reputation among the public, increasing your attendance in a store, or contacting you for an appointment … what do you want your advertising to do for your business?

Use high-definition images

Creating attractive ads has nothing to do with the fact that you are an excellent photographer! Pay attention to the size and quality of the files you are going to exploit, which vary depending on the platform on which you show your ads. Read the Facebook Advertising Guide for the company’s recommendations.

Be creative!

Continually test the rendering of formats and images before posting an ad on Facebook by generating a preview in your Facebook ad manager. The Facebook Creative Hub is also very useful for creating layouts, receiving feedback and finding inspiration from thousands of other advertisers.

The less text there is, the better

The text should not be taken lightly since text that is too large can reduce the number of people to whom your advertising is broadcast to. Use an image with the simplest possible text.

Some tips:

  • Try to reduce the font size.
  • Your text should be in the text box rather than directly on the image.
  • Do not spread the text over the entire image.


One message at a time

One of your priorities should be that your photos stand out in the timeline section of people’s Facebook page, in an age when content saturation is at its highest … make sure that the user stops scrolling on their screen!

  • Force users to watch only one thing and act via a CTA (Call to Action)
  • Ensure visual consistency between your ads so that they are easily recognizable
  • Insert your brand (logo, product, etc.) in the image in a natural way

If you want to display multiple ads in a single campaign (for example, when launching a clothing collection), the carousel format is ideal.

Highlight the people who use your product

Facebook ads are mostly shown in a person’s news feed, between publications of family and friends. It is therefore best that they be as attractive as humanly possible, showing images of people enjoying the direct benefits of your product rather than simply presenting it.


Now you have everything in hand to create an optimized ad! However, keep in mind that it is also essential to:

  • Target your audience correctly before launching your campaign using the various customization options available in the Facebook Ad Manager
  • Determine a realistic and optimal budget
  • Create successful destination pages related to your ad
  • Enable conversion tracking for your campaign

I hope these tips will help you when it’s time for you to start a Facebook campaign. You can also call on our team of experts who will be pleased to help you with its implementation and optimization of its performance!

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