B2B digital marketing: AI and the decline in quality of Google services

These are the two topics I’m going to cover in this post on B2B digital marketing. Have you noticed? Is the quality of services offered by Google and many other GAFAMs increasingly declining?

On the digital marketing planet, we talk about “enshittification“. It’s a term popularized by author Cory Doctorow. This phenomenon became particularly apparent with Google’s algorithm updates in September 2023 and March 2024. Like the expression says: they “spanked the dash” for some companies (is this your case?). Since then, some results have been of lesser quality. They go against the recommendations established many years ago (content quality).

In this source, for example, a search term that used to come up with a company offering quality products no longer comes up at the expense of magazines and articles of lesser quality. Suddenly, our dependence on a monopolistic Web is crashing down on us; there’s no escape (…unless Bing is an alternative?).

Google Search releases more “junk” – what does that mean for Google Ads?

Google is now filled (saturated?) with ads. Of course in search results (there are now a lot of them, aren’t there?). In Gmail, Google Maps, shopping, etc. Google’s pursuit of profit takes precedence over the quality of the search service, and the latter suffers as a result.

Google Ads still generates excellent results for the vast majority of our B2B customers. New campaign types (such as Performance Max) are delivering excellent results.

The imminent problem: a loss of confidence in the quality of the general service and, therefore, of Google Ads. A vicious circle?

The danger? For many of our customers, Google Ads – and Google Search in particular – is the best generator of awareness, leads and sales. A widespread loss of trust could seriously impact campaign performance.

Google really hasn’t said its last word. But the fact remains that the decline in quality of the Web’s largest infrastructure is cause for concern.

Want to find out more? Here are a few links:

Appearance of low-quality Google Ads campaigns

It’s not a new phenomenon: fraudsters are using Google Ads as a lever to attract customers and then to commit petty theft.

For several months now, Google Ads has been asking users to confirm their company’s identity by providing an official document… or a not-so-official one. Often, a simple document (too simple) is enough, and can facilitate the work of unscrupulous individuals.

To find out more (In French): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlUh5Weh6sk)

Fortunately, B2B digital marketing and niche markets seem to be less affected. But a general loss of confidence in the quality of Google Ads would be detrimental.

Where do we stand with AI in B2B digital marketing?

Unsurprisingly, many tools are now integrating it as a feature. This ranges from Mailchimp (to help you create newsletter content) to Yoast (to help with SEO optimizations), Facebook Ads (to target and generate campaigns) and of course Google Ads.

Google Search

AI results will crowd out your website’s results

As written in my previous post on zero clicks, the future of the Google search engine suggests that it will put AI-generated search results ahead of even your own content. This could lead to a drop in organic visits to your site, because yes, getting information from your site could be zero clicks!

You’re all going to lose your jobs to AI?

…so, are you all going to lose your jobs to AI? No, but those who will benefit as “wingman” (right-hand man) will come out ahead 😉

In conclusion, between the declining quality of search results and AI threatening to take our jobs (or not), we’ve got enough to have a good nervous breakdown! But don’t worry, even if Google starts to look like a giant shopping mall and robots take over, there’s always hope. The key is to outsmart the algorithm and turn the AI into your best buddy (or at least, a zealous intern).

So, are you ready to avoid ending up as a digital dinosaur? Dive into the world of B2B marketing with a critical eye and a sharp sense of humor. And don’t forget to contact us for more “kick-ass” tips. After all, if you’re going to deal with Google in B2B digital marketing, you might as well do it with a smile on your face! 😄

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