B2B positioning, branding and social media

In Lynda St-Arneault’s latest blog post entitled, “Generating prospects in B2B through social media,” the topic of brand management on social media was addressed. While a slim 35% of B2B companies in Quebec are active on social networks, the following question has yet to be answered: How can one maximise his/her strategic positioning and branding on social media in B2B? How does branding through social networks increase sales?

What we create well is well read

For the common mortal, branding refers to communications: a logo, an ad, a slogan and the rest of it. Although it can be great, the basis of branding rests on well-defined strategic positioning. Adequate positioning can be summed up as a clear idea of what is efficiently communicated. It drives the value proposition, the essence of a company.

If the brand and positioning of the company are clearly set, all marketing and sales activities will align themselves to the company. B2B branding should be managed rigorously in all areas of communication and direct sales. Perceptually, the vendor can impact the brand because in B2B every moment of truth is important in the construction and coherence of the brand.

B2B branding and social media

With clear branding, approaching social networks should also be clear. Social media, like other marketing channels, have their own modes of operation, of course, but branding should remain coherent and constant, authentic and strong. Brands in B2B are very human. The reader, buyer, must recognize the brand and relate to it. Humanising the brand in B2B is essential. For example, at Exo, there is ExoB2B as the corporate account as well as ExoStArno, ExoChabot, etc. They each have their own colour, voice, tone, specificity and approach toward the brand according to defined guidelines.

Don’t forget, social networks alone are not enough. Integrating social networks with other traditional and online tactics is a winning formula.  Refer to blog articles, websites, people. Social networks are particularly good at sharing and engaging. Be cooperative in how you communicate while staying in phase with your branding. Be consistent in your editorial policy and communications.

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