Blistering, blundering brand of birdbrains! (Apologies to Captain Haddock)

Have you ever run into a high-technology company with a dated image? Does it affect your perception of the value of the innovation behind the technology? It certainly can.

Take ABC company for example: It has been around for 35 years, has never done marketing, and has “never needed to”. (Believe me, there are a lot of companies like this in B2B). Paul, the owner has a son, John, a dashing management school graduate, keen on new technologies, who already pictures himself revolutionizing dad’s marketing.

John has big plans that require a major investment in marketing. He wants to expand the company’s territory! His father, having built his empire by word of mouth and the (very) occasional advertisement, will hear nothing of it. John knows however, that it’s critical to get newer generation clientele onboard.

Having completed an excellent B2B marketing course (This is fiction here, remember) he knows it only takes one of the 4-6 people usually involved in B2B customer decision-making to perceive a lack consistency between ABC’s branding and its products, to cast serious doubt in the customer’s mind.

Reacting quickly, he sets out to find “moments of truth” in order to analyze customer reaction to the company’s touchpoints. He comes to the conclusion that not only does the “look & feel” not correspond to the new target clientèle, the inconsistency across all prospect and customer contact points is simply appalling. There is no link between the content in the brochures, business cards, service offerings, and invoices. The email signature doesn’t mean anything, the voicemail is so generic it could be that of any company.

A conversation with ABC’s salespeople quickly makes him realize that they don’t even understand why they should adjust their sales pitch according to the prospect.

Finally, he scours the company’s entire website unable to find a single call to action. It doesn’t engage customers, heck it doesn’t even speak to them. It is simply the digital version of the brochure….

Leaning over his desk, he let slip discreetly…

“We really are just Blistering, blundering brand birdbrains!”

And when was the last time you evaluated all your “moments of truth”?


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