Blogging? Me? Well, why not!

After two months of working at Exo Marketing as Vice-President of Strategy, the time has come for me to join the bloggers at Exo who have written more than 200 blog posts since 2009, all on B2B, or business to business, marketing.

But where to start? Actually, I wanted to begin by talking about the Exo team and of my vision of this dynamic, multifunctional ecosystem, before I get too blue and green (Exo style), of what caught my attention or interested me at the beginning.

First and foremost, an audit

Those who know me know that I’m results-oriented and that I question the need to create this or that marketing tool. At Exo, the word “integrated” comes fully into play. A client arrives and wants us to redesign his website, but does it really need it? And why would he do it, what are his objectives? Well here, no tools are developed if an audit hasn’t been done first. That’s just the way it is! It’s a crucial step that gives an exact portrayal of the client’s marketing situation and helps us guide him in his project. And if the website does indeed need to be redesigned, then we’ll integrate into our strategy the tactics that gravitate around the website and that are essential to its success, such as SEO, PPC and social media. And even traditional tactics. Everything is integrated into sales.

Social media in B2B: is it important?

I was able to meet Mr. Josepf Haslam during a conference held on Friday, April 12th in Montreal by the APCM, entitled “Social media: A structured perspective for B2B.” Presented by Exo Marketing, who has a strategic alliance with the New York-based firm DragonSearch, Mr. Haslam presented his methodology for optimizing marketing processes adapted to social media, and specifically to B2B.

Are you familiar with the game of chutes and Dragon ladders?

To develop Mr. Haslam’s presentation, we distributed a poster-size diagram. Oddly, it makes me think of the game that I loved to play as a child, chutes and ladders. But, as you’ll see here, the game is pretty complex and the objective is to attract new clients by adopting an integrated strategy.

This diagram synthesizes the synergy between a website, SEO, PPC and social media, and which was originally designed in English by Dragon. Exo translated it to French, in collaboration with Ric Dragon, CEO and cofounder of DragonSearch, and it’s available free of charge on our website in high resolution.

So if you’re looking to attract new clients, I highly recommend you consult it, study it and try to excel at it, like me.

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