Content marketing in B2B: the secret to find inspiration

Collaboration – March 17, 2015

When we explain what is inbound marketing in a B2B context – and how the content marketing at its core work – we usually end up with the same answer: “but there’s no way you can write two blog articles a week about what we do!”

It is often the main doubt for client. They aren’t sure it is possible to find enough topics and that we would quickly reach a stalemate where “everything has been said”. Well, what I can say is that I’ve been writing two articles a week for a year and a half now for clients, and that the list of topics and possible articles is still long.

So here are some tips to keep finding good ideas.

RSS is your best friend

Other blogs, magazines and many publications are your allies. A great RSS tool like Netvibes allows you to have hundreds of articles handy. If you set it up well, it should be great and inspiring content. It definitely is an ideal tool to track what’s happening in your clients’ industries and to stay in touch with innovations, novelties and debates.

Keep in touch with your clients

Who knows more about their jobs than your clients? This is what they know the best and what they do every day. They know for sure what’s new and what happens. Often, a phone call is worth three hours of research.

Monitor social media

Your accounts on social media are also very helpful as they allow you to follow influencers and people who are connected in the right industries to stay in touch with what’s new. With your RSS, those are your main sources of information. A photo could lead to a great article. Social media are a source of information, and you should not neglect it.

Of course, there are many other techniques and tools. But those three are a great start to keep track and publish two articles a week.


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