Content marketing

“For any company wishing not just to inform its current or potential customers, but to engage them in a conversation and a relationship of trust, the creation of rich content and the use of social networks are at the heart of its B2B content marketing strategy. This content serves to reinforce your company’s brand, to differentiate and position you in your market, and to positively influence the many stakeholders and decision-makers involved in the buying cycle.

And to be effective, content must be original, authentic, well-structured, optimized and clearly aimed at the target audience. It’s a long-term project. If well planned and executed, it will generate opportunities and sales. ExoB2B is here to help you implement your content marketing strategy and create the content that will make all the difference.”

Claude Malaison

Content Strategy

Blog 100% B2B

A blog is an informational tool that delivers relevant material in a crucial part of the buying process. It is also usually less formal and employs the same language as your clients, using industry-specific lingo…

Social Media

In 2020, the question of whether to use media and/or social networks (SRM) no longer arises. Companies in B2B must above all, make good use of them.

Rich Content


The entire process is adapted to your needs. We will take the time to analyze your current situation and to thoroughly understand your market. We will also figure out what search terms are used by visitors to find…