Why you should apply your corporate branding to your social media sites in B2B

Your social media sites, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook just to name a few, are mandatory extension of your online strategy, if you want to reach a maximum amount of people and generate qualified leads. An increasing amount of web surfers will actually discover your company or product for the first time via social media.

For this reason it is really important that the branding you fine tuned and worked so hard to establish for your corporate website, is also thought out and applied to your social media web pages. This way the web visitor will recognize familiar visual cues from one platform to another.

The challenge in trying to create a uniform visual presentation across all social media platforms is the size of the area in which you can play around with the graphics. Here are some specs for the header image areas from the three major sites :

Twitter has a nice full width image with a recommended dimension of 1500 x 500 pixels. The entire visual is visible with the exception of the profile image on the left side. You can really showcase a product or create a mood on this platform.

Linkedin for its Brand Pages, has a much smaller surface to work with, 646 x 220 pixels, the visual impact is less than with Twitter, but enough to communicate your brand.

The regular profile pages on the other hand, have a full width image surface area of 1400 x 425 pixels, with which you can have some fun, but be careful not to have any vital information or image data fall beneath the zone reserved for the profile shot and account information.

Facebook has a header image dimension of 851 x 315 pixels that is partially covered on the left side by the profile photo, still plenty of real estate to get your message across.

Don’t forget to be creative when designing your profile pages but don’t steer too far from the original branding standards set out and defined on your website.


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