Customer experience at the heart of marketing and sales in B2B

For months now across North America interest has been focused on the customer experience in B2B. Several articles, search results and training sessions offer courses to increase understanding of values, dimensions, advantages and elements of complexity that create the customer experience.

The customer experience is comprised of and illustrated in a 360° approach and is made possible through of marketing and sales integration.

Moreover, the customer experience has changed considerably with the arrival of information technologies: information and management systems such as CRMs and the automation of processes involving marketing, the web, mobility, multimedia, e-commerce, etc.

With the arrival of social media, another paradigm and considerable challenges for companies have surfaced: the changing of hands. So marketing and sales are not only defined from a company viewpoint, but also from the viewpoint of the client who has the upper hand. And that’s what counts!1

Understanding buying processes, as well as the various interactions through traditional and online channels, becomes a major issue. And most importantly, even in a B2B context, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact the humans are still the major influencer in a buying process that can be complex.

The customer experience will be the topic of a future conference presented by the Horizon B2B committee from the APCM of which I am a member. I’ll be on site to welcome participants and for discussion after the conference. You’re invited to join us!

For further information about the conference, please visit the website of the Association des professionnels de la communication et du marketing (in French only).

I look forward to meeting you on February 22nd!

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