Digital Campaigns


More than just advertising

Digital advertising campaigns are used to increase your brand visibility and awareness, generate traffic on your site and, convert visitors to increase your sales. It is a marketing effort based on specific budgets and objectives and, the results are concrete and measurable.

Thanks to its expertise, ExoB2B knows how to design campaigns that are efficient and adapted to the realities of the business-to-business world.

Types of campaigns

Digital campaigns come in many forms, including:

  • On social media networks with Facebook Ads and LinkedIn InMail
  • On Google’s Display and Search networks
  • In remarketing or re-targeting mode, so as not to lose your prospects
  • With massive, personalized or automated e-mailing
  • Based on prospect lists or your internal data
  • A combination of all these methods

A process tailored to your needs

ExoB2B will work with you to understand your needs and achieve your goals. Together with your team or, by taking over the entire mandate, we can cover these steps in the digital campaign process:

  1. Initial analysis
    In order to fully understand your intentions and your target market, we propose a detailed analysis that will serve as a basis for the campaign.
  2. Design and Ideation
    Our experts set up a game plan integrating the use of the tools and platforms that will help you reach your goals.
  3. Implementation
    We set the campaign parameters by integrating optimized content, defining the audiences and territories covered and, creating the necessary visuals and texts.
  4. Measurement and optimization
    Throughout the campaign, we measure and analyze the results and suggest or make the necessary corrections to increase the impact of the campaign.

Which audience to target? Where are your prospects? How do you convince them to trust you?

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