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For a successful website overhaul, you do not need to monopolize all your resources in grandiose technological projects. Aim instead at developing an effective website that fits your budget and that has the capacity to evolve and grow along with your business in the future. This is the ExoB2B promise!

What makes a website effective?

We develop effective websites. But what does that mean, exactly? It means they deliver an improved user experience (Ux), they communicate relevant information and, above all, they turn your visitors into leads or prospects. Because this is what you B2B business needs!

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Don’t just stand there and wait. This is what we offer your:

  • A website tailored to your needs that will help your business stand apart
  • Based on a rock-solid platform and proven technologies
  • Flexible enough to last and grow with your business
  • Affordable so you can start reaping the rewards in just a few weeks

Our website packages start at $4500. You’re still hesitating? Your clients won’t just wait for you to take the right decision. Contact us now to learn more!


Coming up with a website that would please many partners of an alliance is a quite the challenge. And this is exactly what we have achieved through our smooth collaboration with ExoB2B.

They quickly grasped the “brand” of the alliance and turned it into a visual experience that every member could agree with. We started with a one-pager that quickly evolved into a full-fledged website that our partners are all eager to be showcased on.

Scaling it up was a slip-streamed process thanks to ExoB2B who truly valued our input and made us an integral part of their team.

Leslie Green, CiF Lab Solutions


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