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Alain Thériault – 5 November 2015

The LesAffaires B2B marketing summit will be held on November 23rd, 24th and 25th. This is the first event of its kind in Quebec, and we are proud to be associated with it, having been invited as a summit partner. We are of course grateful for the summit’s recognition of our B2B marketing pioneer status in Quebec.

We are totally enthused and have prepared some absolutely unique content for this event, including a preparatory workshop as well as an interactive session. (Please note that both these events will be held in French)

There is still much to be done in B2B marketing.  Just thinking that over 70% of leads generated by marketing are not followed up by sales* is enough to keep any manager up at night.

The preparatory workshop content was developed specifically to equip the companies attending this B2B summit with the proper tools to face the challenge of B2B Sales-Marketing. Our goal is to have the managers in attendance come out of these meetings not only with actions they might consider to improve their B2B marketing but also with a renewed awareness of the validity of they are currently doing. Here is an outline of the content.

Are you ready to face the biggest challenges in B2B?

Be well prepared and ask the right questions at this unique B2B marketing summit, through a workshop that was specifically designed for it! A 3 hours immersion in B2B’s biggest challenges, particularly Sales and Marketing integration.

We’ll look at:

  • The tools
  • The technology
  • Measurement
  • The integration of online and offline channels
  • Lead generation
  • How to shorten sales cycles

And so, with a better understanding of your business ecosystem and the various stakeholders, you’ll be able to get the necessary components for the establishment of an integrated marketing strategy during this event.

  • Whether your goal is to
  • Increase sales
  • Develop and maintain customer loyalty
  • Optimize the customer experience
  • Improve your market positioning

Let’s discuss your challenges and guide you on your way to finding your solutions at the B2B LesAffaires summit.

As for the interactive session the subject will be:How to effectively integrate social media and your inbound marketing strategy

However, the real question is in fact: Are Social media and inbound marketing on the verge of cardiac arrest?

It’s a valid question because inbound marketing is undergoing a profound transformation. Companies are experiencing:

  • Less commitment
  • Content saturation
  • Increased difficulty in creating communities

We’ll look at how to understand and overcome these challenges, in order to integrate social media into your inbound marketing strategy. Are you ready for 45 minutes of discussion and discovery-rich presentation?

The Les Affaires B2B marketing summit

*According to DemandCon – A conference dedicated to demand – October 2012

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