Exo B2B’s blog recognized in the United States

Imagine our surprise and delight this past weekend when we learned on Twitter that B2B Marketing Academy, has recognized Exo B2B (that’s us) for the quality and relevance of its blog! Here’s the article : “5 Brainy Blogs for the Curious B2B Marketer”. The two heads of the Academy are Christine Viera and Peg Miller, two important influencers in B2B marketing, south of the border.

The post is signed by Christine, who states with regards to us: “We’ve come to greatly admire the smart, provocative insights of our friends at Exo B2B (@ExoB2B). “Their blog has over 400 100% B2B blog posts on strategic marketing planning, sales, content marketing and much more. ”


We could easily return the compliments; both their work and their content are remarkable. We really started to take notice when Christine published a blog entitled “Are You Drawn to the Dark Side on Content Marketing?”, which scored a touchdown on Twitter. But we were particularly impressed by another post on a subject any marketing professional or content writer should be concerned with in these recent, troubled years: “What Makes Marketing Persuasive in the Post-Truth Era?

We share the same interests and the same questions. Our blog has been running since 2009, with hundreds of educational posts in both French and English. Our content covers all aspects of B2B marketing, which has been our specialty for over 15 years now. As Christine and Peg point out, we’ve touched on both basic subjects (the ABCs, how’s and why’s of B2B marketing), but also examine the latest trends in order to decode them for business leaders to take strategic advantage of.

Before publishing our very first blog post in 2009, we analyzed the market thoroughly. We quickly realized that the blogosphere had an empty niche we could occupy. We also realized that B2B marketing was quite poorly understood and mostly misapplied, here and elsewhere … as it still is today.

Back in 2008, we started to look at inbound marketing. We became a Hubspot customer to test the tool and processes. In 2009, we began to write about the subject based on our experience. We also began to publish case studies that were thoroughly reviewed by our team.

Our blog dealt with these topics long before they became trendy:

Inbound Marketing

Integrated Marketing

The Alignment of Marketing and Sales

Recently, we tackled content saturation (‘content shock’). Our Ebook on the symptoms of social media fatigue even caused somewhat of an uproar in our field, with several pointing their finger at Exo B2B, for putting the industry down, Yet…”It’s a fact, Jack!”.


Exo B2B Ignorance sélective


And, as Christine mentions, we provoke.  We dare to include humor in our posts, as shown above in our new series of videos on Gino, our new social media Everyman. But still, we do so with rigor, method and especially passion because B2B marketing is our DNA!

I invite you to follow the Exo B2B blog to learn about and apply B2B marketing best practices. It will also help you understand marketing’s transformation and its impact on the sales function, the role of IT, as well as the paradigm shifts in your customers’ purchasing processes.

A new series of exclusive Exo B2B videos

One of our main objectives is to analyze phenomena that have a significant impact on B2B marketing. This is why we’re proud to introduce an upcoming series of videos. They feature 6 established Big Data and AI (artificial intelligence) specialists. Our aim is to help you to better prepare for the marketing of tomorrow.

Make sure you don’t miss these exclusive interviews by subscribing to our blog today!

Talk to you soon and we welcome your participation!

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