ExoLab launches its third marketing research: is the grass really greener for ITC companies?

Lynda St-Arneault – 4 March 2014


ExoLab, the research laboratory created by Exo B2B, announces the beginning of its third marketing research. It will explore dynamic information in technology and in the communications (ITC) sector. 

Why a survey in this sector of activity?

In ITC, as in other sectors of activity, the comparative data available in the field of performance improvement, integration of sales and marketing functions and marketing practices, apply more or less to the realities of Quebec. U.S. and Canadian data, for example, does not reflect the reality and specificity of local businesses.

ExoLab, by its first two researches, has raised this state of affairs and noted the sometimes surprising differences in the manufacturing sector, for example. Would the ITC sector of the Quebec economy, be so different from the others?

What has research 1 and 2 taught us?

The first and second researches executed (the results can be found in the section ‘studies on the marketing activities of b2b in Quebec companies‘) had among other things, taught us that Quebec manufacturing companies often have a sales department, which carry out marketing tasks. In addition, they are lagging behind U.S. companies when it comes to adopting social media tools such as a CRM, and this is due to under-utilization of technologies of sales and marketing functions

For example, only 35% claim to be present and active on social media.

Finally, only 16% of Quebec manufacturing companies used a CRM to manage their customer relationships.

Download the infographics of these first two researches (in French only)

This is an invitation to you, ITC companies, to participate in this survey by contacting Exo by March 14. If you want to be part of this study, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lynda St-Arneault : Lynda St-Arneault.

 Exo will communicate the results to all respondents in May, during an unveiling of the results.

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