Why should we go ahead with a Google campaign?

Collaboration – October 22, 2013

Following up from a training I attended last September by Cardinal Path, I got the idea to speak to you about 5 great reasons to use Google Analytics. This week, I’ll be talking about other Google (Adword being one of them) campaigns.

As many of you probably know, we can create custom campaigns (email, newsletter or others) and measure its usage with Google Analytics. We can also create paid campaigns using Google Adwords. In both cases, it is worthwhile to add parameters at the end of the URL.

Campaign in Google Analytics

Non paying campaigns are used when sending an email or newsletter. For these different tactics, it is interesting to measure the impact. With Google Analytics, we can calculate the cost per lead that produced the various tactics.

To do this, we insert parameters at the end of the URL in the email. We create a goal to be achieved in relation to the objective of the campaign so we can measure the conversion rate, the number of visits and bounce rate among other things. Then, according to the given results, we readjust the target, either by modifying the message in the email or the link on the page of the Web site.

Adwords paying campaigns

We can also create paying campaigns in Google Adwords. There are some differences between Adwords campaigns and non paying campaigns in Google Analytics:

  1. For paid campaigns, we purchase key words
  2. They are found on the pages in the Google search engine

Behold some interesting statistics on the importance of a pay campaign:

  • 30% of visits on an internet site referenced on Google come from paid links.
  • 70% come from referencing, but among these, 10-15% land on it by mistake.

It is interesting to use paid campaigns because we have a good idea of the cost per lead, the rate of conversion and the ROI. In addition, 80% of Internet users are affected by paid advertising from Google.  They occupy a site dedicated and focused on the Google site and its partners.

In addition, it is possible to do remarketing on different sites and thus get good visibility on the sites concerned.

Note that Adwords campaigns and referencing are complementary; therefore you should use both techniques.

What about you, do you use paid campaigns to measure your goals and your ROI?

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