Grasshopper or Ant marketing?

Sort of the way you can find yourself putting the world to rights with your friends, we’ve been rethinking Exo B2B over the past few months. Our frame of mind is encapsulated in the title of this post, which comes from a 17th century French Fable by Jean de La Fontaine called “La Cigale et la Fourmi”. It describes how, as winter arrives, a hungry grasshopper begs an ant for food. It’s a tale about the perils of being unprepared.

So, on the verge of our 15th anniversary, on January 22nd 2017 to be precise, we’ve been reviewing our goals, disappointments and ambitions. We’re moving forward with a 15-year old’s enthusiasm and a certain amount wisdom, accumulated over time. Exo is remodeling itself again, based on its vision of what B2B marketing is becoming and the environment in which we all evolve.

B2B marketing is rapidly evolving

If you think B2B marketing is changing quickly now, get ready for what’s coming. The tidal wave hasn’t hit us yet but there is no doubt it will.

This fast approaching future will be shaped by the integration of all company functions, including marketing and sales, with the support of various technologies. This will allow for much greater personalization.

More agility, less comfort

In addition, innovation will be stimulated by demographic changes that will alter the corporate powers-that-be. This will usher in much more agile and unpredictable business models than we may have ever imagined.

Stability is a thing of the past in many areas. Gusto, “clairvoyance” and business intelligence are largely the solution to growth. Pop psychology aside, be prepared to move out of your comfort zone, as an “actor” within your company.

This is the premise on which we are transitioning into 2017 and the years to come, for our current and future clients.

Supporting companies

Our primary goal is to support companies wishing to accelerate their growth and to practice contemporary marketing. We also want to challenge their competition with innovative strategies and powerful tools. Finally, we want to accompany them throughout each of their victories, small or large.

On behalf of everyone at Exo B2B, wishing you a very happy and inspired 2017.

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