How to create a successful B2B website

There are more outdated B2B websites out there than you think. It’s likely because many B2B companies have put their efforts into their direct contacts and relationships, and have been using their site only as a secondary reference. But time has run out for these outdated sites. More and more customers are far into the sales cycle before they even contact you. That’s because they are getting an enormous amount of decision-making information from the web. You need to cater to these changing decision-making processes by creating an up-to-date and successful B2B website.

Be Mobile Friendly Using Responsive Web Design (RWD)

More and more B2B websites are visited on mobile phones and tablets. So the last thing you want your visitors doing is pinch the screen to read content that is too small for the viewport they are using. Also, Google adds bonus points for websites that are responsive.

Create Lead Generating Content

Most of your content will be free to browse because you want you potential customers to find out more about your services and products. However, the fundamental reason your website exists is to get in touch with future clients, so if they leave, it becomes a lost opportunity.

Increase your conversion rate by giving away something for free. Have them download a PDF, Ebook or Case Study, an image, a t-shirt, or whatever. Just get them to fill out a contact form! The details to request are up to you, but at least get the name and email address to follow up.

Refresh your outdated design

A good solid, well thought out web design will bring credibility to your brand. Keep it simple and by simple I don’t mean boring. Good design does not have to be complicated. Make sure your content is clearly laid out and engaging so your visitors want to keep reading and click on call to action buttons to find out more.

The Landing page is no longer king

With more visitors landing on your site through a Google search, the chances that they see the home page first is less likely. The Home page is often a huge multi-link affair that suggests places to go on your site. You can showcase news and blog articles, your latest product or service offering.

However, if a visitor does arrive directly on your home page by typing your domain name in the address bar, make sure “What you do” and “Who you are” is clearly understood within the first 15 seconds.

No need to jam everything “above the fold”

It used to be true, but now that more and more people are using touch devices, the natural instinct is to scroll to view more content and the same is true for desktop users.

Easily accessible contact information

What good is a web site if your visitors gets discouraged and leaves because the methods to get in touch with you are not clear. Make your calls to action (CTAs) stand out. Make your phone numbers visible in the header and footer, this way they appear on every page.


These just a few of the ways to create a successful B2B web site. There are, of course many other aspects to consider too. Want to learn more? Contact the B2B website experts.

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