How to have great content for your homepage

Collaboration – July 7, 2015


The home page of your site is more than a showcase and more than an ad. It’s the face of your business. It is all about the first impression. It must express confidence and determination but remain friendly with a human touch. The content of the home page is crucial.

1st Mission: make it easy to understand what you are doing

This seems to be common sense, but the primary mission of your home page is to ensure that, at a quick glance, the visitor fully understands what your company does and offers.

This happens with specific, clear and effective content, which in two sentences, can explain the heart of your business. It also requires consistent visual and evocative pictures.

2nd Mission: explain your offer clearly

Now that the visitor knows what you do, you must explain how you offer what it. Do you have package deals for your services? Do you charge all services separately? Do you offer a turnkey service? How do you sell your products?

After understanding the purpose of your business, visitors must understand how your business works and what it actually offers. Your content should be direct and absolutely clear. It would be a shame if the visitor is confused or does not understand how they can take advantage of what your business has to offer.

3rd Mission: show your personality

Certainly, generating business is important. It’s necessary that your visitor sees and understands what differentiates you from your competitors. It’s essential that the tone and content of your home page will make the visitor want to work with you.

For this, it’s crucial to show the company’s personality! This therefore requires a tone, but also, a visual (a smiling face works so much better than just a logo!). Sometimes, you have to move away from formal speeches showing only a transactional relationship. A customer comes for your services, but will remain for the good relationship he has with you. Your home page allows you to start creating this relationship from the first glance.

It would be a shame to miss out on this…

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