How to manage marketing campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Collaboration – June 19, 2014

This blog article comes as a follow up to one of my previous articles which dealt with marketing campaigns. Let’s look at the use of marketing campaigns in a specific CRM: MS CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The key to managing marketing campaigns for this CRM revolves mainly around the following fields:

Lead Source

This field is where you put the origin of the prospect in the Lead field and Contact field. We suggest using it to indicate the general origin of prospects, such as: Trade, Google Adwords, Advertising, etc. This field can be found in the Lead and Contact modules.

Campaign Source

As for this field, it mentions, as the name suggests, the campaign which resulted in a prospect, an opportunity, a submission and an order. This field concerns one or more specific actions conducted by the company to meet a distinct objective. The relationship between the amount of revenue and costs of these actions will allow us to measure the return on investment of campaigns and therefore, their effectiveness.

Now imagine a company that wants to launch a new sales force automation solution. When establishing a marketing plan to meet its sales targets, it reverts to the CRM by creating Autosales Software Launch campaign.

Among the various elements of the campaign which appear in the CRM, one finds:

  • The name, the description and the object of the campaign
  • The duration of the campaign, which runs from April 1st to June 30th
  • The targets are the last which will be proposed at the time of the campaign activities, we find them through the marketing lists.
  • The campaign activities which correspond to the campaign actions
  • Financial aspects through the Returned Estimated field, the Allocated Budget or the cost of the campaign which is a field that accumulates the activity costs of the campaign.

Finally, we conclude by stating that the relevance of the reports available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM help track marketing campaigns at a glance, compare campaigns and identify the most efficient ones, all this with a dynamic approach!

You will be able to assess your marketing effectively, which will impact your profitability. Exo is able to accompany you in this step which guarantees the expansion of your budget and ultimately, the durability of your company.

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