How to optimize your marketing campaign?

Collaboration – April 17, 2014

In my last post, I had discussed the client value calculation through a mathematical formula. Today, I’d like to implement this formula and this value with one of its related elements: marketing campaigns.

What is a marketing campaign?

We can define a marketing campaign by a set of actions taking place during a fixed amount of time that meets a specific goal, such as retention, prospecting, new product launches, etc.

As shown in the diagram below, each action has a target, concerns an offer, rests on a support and responds to a sub-objective campaign.

Source : Gestion de la Relation Client, René Lefébure et Gilles Venturi

Corresponds to market segments identified in a specific action. There may be prospects, customers or former customers.

It can be an email within a direct marketing campaign, a banner under a LinkedIn advertisement…

In the offer, it must be understood what precisely is in connection with the campaign that you wish to highlight and promote. It may be of a particular product, a range of services…

Controlling marketing campaigns

In order to ensure that your objectives are attained, the management of marketing campaigns requires the calculation of indicators. Of course, there are among them, the return on investment or ROI. It will allow you to measure the level of efficiency. It is also through this calculation that you can identify how to make the most effective campaign and make the necessary corrections. The ROI will allow you to compare marketing campaigns and indirectly optimize the company’s marketing budget.

Finally, marketing campaigns are an integral part of the life cycle of the customer and they should be stored and analyzed. To manage them, there are many marketing automation software solutions available on the market, such as Marketo and Copernica. Keep in mind that customer management software (MS CRM, Salesforce, etc.) is also suggested.

For my next article, we will focus on the management of marketing campaigns with the CRM, Microsoft Dynamics

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