How to successfully launch a B2B product abroad?

Which Canadian manufacturing, IT or service company has not, at some point in time, had intentions to export to our neighbors down south?

Before taking on the US

Apart from the regulatory and logistical questions,difficulties often come from a flawed game plan, the choice of tactics that are not specific enough or an average execution without sales integration. The overall effect will generate disappointing results while squandering budgetary resources.

It’s unlikely you will have a second chance to launch your product. Therefore, did your plan meet these 5 essential steps to follow for a successful B2B product launch?

Here they are:

  1. Recognition of a need on the market
  2. Knowledge of offers or alternatives offered by competitors
  3. Knowledge of the target market
  4. Knowledge of entry barriers
  5. Speed adaptation of the product or new technology

If there are doubts on any of these points, you may need to revisit your strategic plan, which often requires to specify information with the help of commercial research.

Take into account that introducing new products and services, despite the trend of the web, does not exclude traditional marketing. On the contrary!  The use of a combination of traditional tactics provides superior results. Still, you have to adapt to the market segments you want to address.

Case study of a Canadian manufacturer that has managed its product launch in the US

Realistically, what does a successful product launch in the US look like? Here is a case study on the subject. Entitled “Product launch in the United States for a Quebec manufacturer,” this executive document presents the performance of a marketing plan of a Quebec manufacturer called Barrette Structural. They are the leaders in wood framing and in the engineered wood industry; known for their product TRIFORCE® for architects, contractors and distributors in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The case study presents the context of the launch and the performance of the various tactics used: website product, direct marketing postcard and email and technical specifications guide.

In summary, the combined efforts of tactics following the strategic product launch for TRIFORCE® generated over a period of 5 months, a conversion of 17.85% of the approximately 4900 visits to the website. Or 877 completed forms to obtain their technical specifications guide.

In short: 877 tracked qualified sales!

For all the details

Read details of the case study entitled “Product launch in the United States for a Quebec manufacturer” (in French only, for now).

A similar performance is at your fingertips. Simply proceed methodically and acquire data that isn’t random. Then, develop a strategy supported by the appropriate tactics. It’s easy to say but easier to do with the help of professionals.

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