Relationship marketing campaigns


A relationship marketing campaign generates an excellent return on investment.

Relationship marketing campaigns target specific segments of your clientele or your prospects because the offer that is being proposed in each specific campaign was expressly developed to address the needs of that particular segment. That way, the message in the campaign will appeal more to the readers because it was designed specifically for them and contains information that is specifically interesting for them.

Direct marketing by email and by mail walk hand in hand to help you to launch your products, attract prospects, generate new clients and build loyalty.

Also, in Canada, with the emergence of anti-spam laws such as C-28, direct marketing by mail is an efficient solution to reach out to new prospects and clients without these new hurdles of email marketing

Some statistics to consider:

  • Direct marketing generates more than 2 trillion dollars in North American in 2012.
  • 80% of the clients answer directly to their mail.
  • 45% answer directly to their emails.
  • Direct marketing has a rate of answers of 25%.

Direct marketing step-by-step:

  • Create a segmented list of qualified and targeted prospects.
  • Conceive and design the email or the mail.
  • Send it.
  • Compile et analyse the results.
  • Forward the new prospects to the sales force.

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