Targeted online and offline advertising campaigns (sponsored and native content)


Print advertising in magazines and journals dedicated to your industry is an excellent way to build your brand image or increase your brand awareness.

The turnkey service offered by Exo B2B is guided by a process that merges rigour, strategy, and creativity. Those three aspects are ever present in the conceptualisation of the campaign, in every word written for the campaign, in the design, as well as in the selection and positioning of your advertising in the media.

Web advertising campaigns or paid search campaigns (PPC)

Paid searches on search engines (also called PPC or “pay per click”), is a great way to highlight some of your services, increase your website traffic and achieve specific conversion goals.

To meet all your needs, we can set up campaigns and strategies for online advertising, such as Google Adwords, remarketing campaigns or types of research.

With this type of campaign, your ad or your message will be seen online, on referring sites, or first results pages of search engines. We can help you identify target audiences, optimise the selection of keywords and maximise profitability and efficiency.

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