Instagram for the B2B industry, or visual blogging

Collaboration – March 5, 2015

You’ll probably agree that displaying an image with a LinkedIn status has more impact than a simple text. You can also agree that writing blogs can take a lot of effort. How can you merge the two without straining yourself during the task?

Here’s a suggestion for “easy” blogging (sometimes). I suggest using Instagram, yes, Instagram; the mobile application that allows you to share photos with your smart phone, phablet or tablet; basically, everything except a desktop computer (for now).

Instagram in B2B

The principle is simple: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If this is the case, a good image taken from your mobile or tablet will be the main text of your blog post. As said by our national comedian, Yvon Deschamps: “We do not want to know, we want to see. »

You can either use or, choose not to use, Instagram filters to add some ‘shine’ to your photo or correct lighting, colors, add artistic effects, etc.

Accompany any relevant description, context, event or other message you want to communicate.

Add a link to your site or article of your blog.

Complete with word clicks or, hash tags (this is useful because many prospects seek you out according to key words related to their interests).

Share your Instagram account and most importantly, enjoy the sharing feature on other social networks, such as LinkedIn!

The case of Maersk Group

Take the example of the global shipping container company, Maersk  , one of the pioneers in the use Instagram in its B2B social media mix. You’ll notice when visiting their Instagram page the character of the subjects, sometimes with slightly lighter touches.

With the same idea, but a local version, the Port of Montreal is also on Instagram.

What should you talk about?

Instagram is also useful to share news, highlight an upcoming event, support a product launch or service, share the successes of a client and, pass on a little “human” touch overall.

Here is a list of items on which you could focus on in your use of Instagram.

  • Share the history of your company; its DNA.
  • Highlight the people that make up your business.
  • Show what happens daily (behind the scenes)
  • Share your beautiful part of the country.
  • Promote your educational content.
  • Share any current promotions.
  • Finally, be visual!

Integrate Instagram into your B2B marketing strategy

Finally, Instagram, like other social media, can play a role in your B2B marketing strategy. To be successful with these new communication channels, it’s important to define the mission and goals of each one.

To grasp their full potential and prepare your presence on social media, I invite you to attend the training I will present on the InfoPresse Campus on April 16, entitled “Using social networks in B2B marketing strategy.”

Hope to see you there and look forward to following your Instagram account.

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