Keep your major accounts and increase their value!

…With Account Based Marketing

Ever notice how well Amazon knows you? How well they recommend the right product, the right album, the right book? Ever notice how advertisement directly related to the product you were just shopping for, is waiting for you in your Facebook feed? Highly personalized marketing isn’t it?

Now imagine the same attention to marketing detail, applied to a team of B2B decision-makers and influencers in relation to your product!

Account Based Marketing (ABM) creates this closeness through specialisation and even customization of information for each member of a team that decides on the purchase of a product or service! Don’t forget, 5-8 people are involved in a B2B purchase decision … and the trend is growing year over year.

This is high-level integrated marketing. It seeks to create an emotional tie to your company, which is the best kind of consensus.

It’s integrated marketing that pinpoint-shines a laser on that 20% of your accounts that generates 80% of your business. The concept, which has been around for more than 10 years now, is just beginning to surface. But why is that?

Because the sales and marketing teams that practice it must have such high level of collaboration, only exceptional teams can pull it off. Could yours?

  • Your visibility and reputation with this account must be beyond reproach
  • Communication between sales and marketing should be like an open book
  • The CRM must be well thought out, well used, and supplemented to generate unique information!
  • Collaboration should focus on quality not quantity
  • The marketing team must be multidisciplinary
  • Not only should sales be measured, but so should marketing (quality of Marketing Qualified Leads) and it is recommended that it have a financial stake in the collaboration.
  • Requires a high-level project manager

An important change in the usual order of things: the sales team has to constantly feed the marketing team so that it develops content and approaches suited as perfectly as possible to members of the decision making team.

If you practice Account Based Marketing, Over time, not only you will be to meet the needs of your most important customers, you will be able to help them work together, making you almost essential!

If you’d like to learn more about account-based marketing, let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

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