What type of landing page should be used to generate leads?

11 April 2017 by    Clothilde Eito
What type of landing page should be used to generate leads?

In our previous post, you discovered what a landing page was, what its objectives were and how to integrate it into your B2B marketing strategy. In this second of a three-part series, you’ll learn about several types of landing pages. You’ll also learn how to choose the one that will correspond to your lead generation objectives.

The « Clickthrough landing page »

A “Click-through landing page” is a page that usually does not contain a form but whose objective is to convince the visitor to click on a link, redirecting them to an external page.

This type of page is used more often in e-commerce to describe a product or service, in order to encourage a purchase.

This version of landing page is the perfect intermediate between an advertisement, and an order, registration or download page.

Therefore, on these landing pages, the main clickable link is the call-to-action, which redirects people to the page in question.

Here’s an example from MOZ, offering a free trial of their software. The landing page contains only one “Start my free 30-day trial” button and, at the click, it redirects us to the registration page.

Example of a landing page and lead generation

Lead generation pages

What does lead generation consist of? In the field of B2B marketing, lead generation involves gathering prospect information through inbound marketing strategies.

Lead generation pages are by far, the most used. The sole purpose of this type of page is to collect qualified data, such as family name, first name, company name, job position etc. … Potential leads or prospects will then have to be qualified for conversion into customers.

Without a lead generation strategy, the chances of acquiring new customers are low.

In order to gather this valuable information, the lead generation page includes a registration or download form, and a description. Prospects arrive on your lead generation page with a precise objective in mind, so they must be able to quickly find the information they seek. This type of landing page can offer many options:

  • Download a white paper / video / press release / media articles / brochure or inserts
  • A sign-up sheet for a webinar, a conference, a trade show
  • Discounts on offers / products / services
  • Preview trials …

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Come back next week to get the last installment in this series of three on the landing page best practices that lead to conversion!

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