LinkedIn: the numbers that talk to companies in B2B

Claude Malaison – 5 December 2019

Figures and statistics that speak volumes about the importance of this B2B marketing platform. The graph below was produced by the SocialPilot team and divided into five categories:

  • Demographic – The type of people who use Linkedin, e.g. gender, age, income, etc…
  • Usage – How people access and use Linkedin.
  • Engagement – The kind of content users interact with on Linkedin and also, how and where they interact with the brands.
  • Businesses – How businesses use Linkedin for marketing, social sales, customer service, content marketing, etc.
  • Advertising – How brands invest in Linkedin ads, their ROI and the kind of responses that ads receive on Linkedin.

Commitment and business

What we are particularly interested in is the commitment and use that companies make of it. See more in the graph below…

Before commenting on the results, let me talk about best practices in content production. In my course at UdeM, I deal in particular with best practices for blogs (see below in French).

These rules and practices are equally valid for other media and social networks including LinkedIn. The following numbers validate these.

Figures that validate practices

In the “commitment” category, what is most surprising is this statistic on status with links.

  • Putting one or more links in a status or text improves the commitment by 200%… Are you surprised?


  • LinkedIn statuses that end with a question attract 50% more commitment.

And finally:

  • Accompanying a status with a photo increases the chances of comments by 98%.

In the following category, “Business,” the result of previous figures is striking:

  • 70% of users consider LinkedIn to be a reliable source for professional content.
  • 80% of B2B leads from the media and social networks come from this platform.

This makes companies consider LinkedIn in the same percentage as their best source of leads. I would be remiss if I finished without mentioning this statistic:

  • LinkedIn ads are 227% more efficient than other MRS to generate leads…

Now imagine pairing your LinkedIn statuses with a good post from your blog… What do you think the results will be?

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