Marketing Automation

When customization and loyalty become indispensable.

From your very first meeting with them, the quality of your business relationship with your prospects and the way it evolves through the Customer Experience (Cx) during the buying process has a major impact on the probability of closing a sale. A well planned automation helps build, develop, and maintain relations and thus create a positive effect on your branding. It will also generate a more custom experience and turn the odds in your favour. On the long run, it increases customer loyalty and retention.

You simply can’t precipitate decisions in B2B. The cycles are long, the stakes are high, and there are many people involved. While automation can help you save time, it needs to be properly implemented to avoid its inherent dangers.

Programming the automation processes has become much easier and user-friendly, particularly with email campaigns, thanks to new tools and platforms. However, planning every possible scenario is still a human task, based on human skills. To deal with 5 to 7 decision-makers and many different contacts on multiple channels throughout a 6-month process, you better fully understand the B2B buying process and plan you automation accordingly.

With over 16 years of experience helping our clients sell to other businesses, ExoB2B will design the best automation scenarios, using the most appropriate tools for your situation in order to achieve your goals.

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