Marketing Outsourcing


Marketing outsourcing is generally thought of as the management of certain marketing activities by an outside marketing firm

However, it can go as far as the complete takeover of a company’s marketing activities. Marketing outsourcing has several advantages:

  • Increase in the quality of the work when it is entrusted to a company that specializes in marketing
  • Economies of scale thanks to the higher volume of work accomplished by the external company
  • Flexibility. An outside marketing firm has readily available, specialized resources and masters a great variety of marketing tools
  • The Fresh point of view a specialized firm brings to marketing projects, having worked in several sectors, compared to an internal marketing team that doesn’t have regular contact with the « outside world ».

For businesses that have been buried in their habitual activities for too long, marketing outsourcing can help attain undreamed of objectives.

This is what Exo B2B can offer. Our outsourcing services are among the most flexible in the industry. With partial outsourcing, we act as your resource supplier for projects or activities that your internal marketing team can’t carry out.

You can also choose total outsourcing, which means we take over the management and execution of all your marketing activities.

We’ve been marketing outsourcing for various customers since 2004

Having a passionate, high-performance marketing department almost instantaneously isn’t a far-away dream. It’s a reality that’s within your reach! Let’s talk about it.


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