Mobility and user experience

Collaboration – February 24, 2012


A bad user experience when visiting a website can be a very frustrating thing, especially when using a tablet, like an iPad, or a smart phone, like an iPhone. And it shouldn’t be!

It’s technologically “easy” to adapt a website to a mobile device as tools exist to website developers for that purpose. This is why there are very few barriers to creating a site (even a B2B site) specific to users of mobile devices.

In integrated marketing, our actions are oriented to inform, influence and convert the website visitor in a qualification and sales process which begins when the visitor decides to consult the web content (of relevant and good quality). Content is at the heart of the experience, so it is essential to emphasize the content but also the delivery device. How many times have you heard the phrase, “context is king and content is queen?”

The overwhelming popularity of tablets and smart phones in the corporate environment and the general public has dethroned computers as the device of choice for consulting the World Wide Web. Next on the agenda: adapt to reality! Web visitors use these devices to surf websites, all websites, be it B2C or B2B.

Add to this the multiplicity of entry points to your website (the heart of your inbound marketing): search engines on your mobile, QR code, mobile visual search, hyperlinks from ads, etc.

Keep in mind that your main objective is to procure a pleasant experience for the user. As I had mentioned in my article entitled “Marketing and Mobile Barcodes,” whether it be from a barcode or from typing a website address on a computer, “Not only does the destination have to offer an appropriate user experience that will engage the user but it must be part of an overall plan. The twist is that users come from a mobile device. So content, user experience and context are different. Adapt!”

With today’s technical methods, it’s easy for a website developed on the WordPress platform to be optimized for tablets and smart phones. Business people make up a significant percentage of mobile device users. Offer them an appropriate and efficient user experience. It’s your business card, your foot in the door, your discussion starter. So what are you waiting for?

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