Monitoring, automating, analyzing: Top tools for social networks!

25 May 2017 by    Clothilde Eito
Monitoring, automating, analyzing: Top tools for social networks!

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and social networks and digital levers are multiplying, so it’s more important than ever to consolidate your strategy and equip yourself with the marketing tools that will best suit your needs.

Whether it’s for monitoring your social networks, curating content, or analyzing, there are a multitude of tools that enable you to save time and improve productivity.

With the emergence of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, sharing and automating data has never been so simple!

In this post, you’ll find a selection of sharing, curation and analytical tools to integrate into your marketing strategy. Some of these tools have a free version allowing you to test their functionalities before committing to them in the longer term!

Finally, this is an non-exhaustive list. Indeed, there are a lot of tools, each one more efficient than the next. Moreover, among the “big” social tools currently on the market today are Cision, Hupspot …

Social Sharing tools


There are dozens of tools. Here’s our selection:

Hootsuite :

This tool is one of the most complete! It not only automates sharing on your social networks, but also moderates, interacts and schedules…This is a paid service, between $ 19 to $ 500 for companies with special needs (30-day free trial).

Buffer :

Buffer is the ideal, easy to use application to share content on your social networks! There is a free version (for personal use, up to 10 publications per social network). Paid versions range from $ 99 to $ 399 per month, depending on your needs.


Sociallymap is an application that automates your online presence. The concept is simple, content is shared by creating scenarios. The application allows you to automate content sharing and increase efficiency as well as productivity. Paid tool up to $ 530 / month (free trial version available).

Tweetdeck :

Tweetdeck is a dashboard for monitoring trends and topics on Twitter and for publishing tweets. This tool is free.

Content curation tools


Content curation consists of monitoring in a sector of activity on defined subjects. This allows you to group content that you think is relevant to share with your audience.

Several content curation platforms have been developed. Here are some of them:


Available on mobile and tablet, this tool allows users to publish content on a theme derived from their social monitoring. This tool is free.Thanks to its browser extension, just one click adds the selected content to the Flipboard dashboard.


This content builder creates stories with content from social networks (photos, tweets, videos …) It’s a free tool as well.


This is a content mapping tool based on interests. This platform is halfway between mapping and social networking. It’s a paid tool, from $2.99 to $9.99 per month.

This tool, probably the most well-known of all, allows you to automatically share selected content. Whether its on social networks, on your blog, or in your newsletters, reach your targets no matter where they are. There is a free version. The paid version costs $ 9 USD / month.

Analysis tools



This tool analyzes your social presences as well as those of your competitors. In addition to analyzing your pages, it tells you which are the most popular hashtags and mentions on Twitter, the main influencers, and more. There is a free version, a premium version, and a luxury version for big accounts (about $ 15,000 yearly).


Measures your activity on social networks. It measures your page statistics and the performance of your publications. With SocialBaker it’s even possible to compare the results of your pages with those of your closest competitors! It’s a paid tool starting at $ 20 / month.


This tool allows you to know the current trends and the influencers in your sector. It creates analysis reports and determines the impact of social networks on your lead generation strategy.

Free version available, there are premium versions with specific pricing according to your needs

Let us take care of your content!

Do all these tools seem complicated? Do you want to build your social strategy now? Contact our team!

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