Mr. X wants to do business with you via LinkedIn

You probably have an account on the professional social network LinkedIn, or you’re thinking about it. If you’ve visited it recently, you’ve probably seen this image on many profiles.

What does that mean? Is it a new member? Someone who is in the process of completing his profile? Someone who has something to hide? Who has an account but doesn’t really want one?

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that these profiles can remain anonymous for a very, very long time. It’s really a pity, no, it’s lamentable!

LinkedIn: a network for business communication

LinkedIn, like other professional social networks, prioritizes communication, contact and meetings between business people. If your presence on this network is really a “non-presence,” you’re hurting yourself and your company at the same time. You’re sending a message that you don’t want to be there and that your company doesn’t want to business with anyone. You’re saying you don’t want to be contacted.

And look at the title. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Representatives, Directors, salespeople and other key company positions are represented without a valid profile picture, not even the company’s logo.

Are you ready to do business with “faceless” contacts? Would you accept an invitation from a faceless contact? How would you recognize him or her at a corporate event? So why go without a profile picture?

With supporting studies, here’s a heat map that represents where LinkedIn users look when they consult profiles on LinkedIn. The profile picture is number one, followed by the professional title. This is generally true for other social networks as well.

Take out those cameras!

For lack of filling out each category of information on your LinkedIn profile, such as your professional title, without spelling mistakes, take a few seconds to take a nice professional, relaxed picture to post on your profile. It’s an invitation to connect.

Oh, and in business as in non-business settings, don’t forget to smile. It’s more inviting!

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