Les Affaires Webinar : Being Customer-Centric in B2B Marketing – From Strategy to Action!

20 September 2017

On October 12, 2017, Alain Thériault, Associate at Exo B2B, will host a webinar as part of the “Sommet Marketing B2B Les Affaires” (B2B Business Summit event)!

In this webinar, discover “Being customer-centric in B2B marketing, from strategy to action!”, covering the essential elements to optimize the customer experience in B2B:

Market intelligence: If you have data on your customers, that’s perfect. If you don’t, the situation isn’t catastrophic; there is a way to find data quickly.

Your client’s purchase cycle: Knowing where your prospect is in the purchasing cycle is a key element in having an interested partner. We’ll review how.

Marketing Sales Alignment: It’s fundamental that sales and marketing be aligned to optimize the customer experience; to offer a consistent experience, regardless of the channel used and regardless of the customer’s position in the buying cycle.

Content production: Still too many companies produce product-centric content. Let’s look at how to produce customer-centric content, to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Why should you participate?

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to optimize the customer experience in a B2B context, and learn the steps to put customers at the center of your concerns. Finally, Alain Thériault will present actual cases where the customer experience is a competitive advantage.

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Last year, our webinar at the Sommet Marketing B2B Les Affaires (B2B Business Summit event) was very successful!

“The webinar was greatly appreciated by more than 800 participants with a 98% satisfaction rate”.

Event Project Manager – Les Affaires

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(Please note that the Webinar will be held in French, though questions will be taken and answered in English)

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