Norbec renews its trust in ExoB2B for the integration of its two corporate entities into a single website

Norbec réitère sa confiance en Exo B2B
15 March 2018

Norbec is the only North American manufacturer to produce both walk-in cold rooms as well as architectural panels for building envelopes through its two distinct corporate entities: Norbec Systems inc. (whose website was developed by ExoB2B) and Norbec Architectural inc. This unique position enables them to offer an integrated and complete solution with the best value.

Norbec has benefited from the synergy between these two independent but complementary entities, each dominating their respective market. High-end products, unequaled customer service, and being driven by innovation all serve as the foundations to this successful enterprise.

Our mission

Norbec renews its trust in Exo B2B for the development of strategy that will combine both entities to strengthen the brand and its positioning, as well as to facilitate cross selling.

Exo B2B is also in charge of developing a reliable and efficient website for their various internal and external customers, optimizing the user (UX, UI) and customer (CX) experience, as well as generating qualified leads for their sales force.

To learn more about Norbec, visit their website at