Personas in B2B marketing

expérience client
17 January 2024

Want to know all about personas in B2B marketing? Alain Thériault, partner at ExoB2B and executive coach, will be giving a training session on the subject. Where? At Grenier formations, on January 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. via webcast.

During this training session, you’ll learn how to develop your personas. You’ll also learn how to identify the information that impacts your sales, and how to use your personas in your marketing. You’ll also have the opportunity to delve deeper into the concept of personas versus the concept of profiles as used in B2C, as well as its essential role in B2B marketing.

This training will be tailored to your situation and your company. It will enable you and your colleagues to hone your skills in this specific area of B2B marketing, social networks and sales and marketing integration techniques.

To register, go HERE, and hurry – there are only a few places left!