TEC Canada December 5th in Vancouver: Customer-centric marketing with Alain Thériault

Le marketing centré client vise à développer une approche qui tient compte des  besoins et préoccupations des prospects et des clients  et ce, dans le cycle d'achat B2B.
12 November 2019

As you can see, ExoB2B is no longer limited to giving lectures in Quebec… Indeed, on December 5th, Alain Thériault,  associate at ExoB2B, will give a lecture to the Vancouver members of TEC Canada.

The theme? Customer-centric marketing, which aims to develop marketing that takes into account the different needs and concerns of prospects and customers in the B2B buying cycle.

The challenge of personalizing relationships with multiple people sometimes attached to the same account (ABM), on different channels while taking into account the interactions between all these decision makers, evaluators, influencers and users involved in the transaction.

This TEC Canada executive day will be chaired by Robert Murray, TEC CEO Chair.