How to optimize your B2B marketing strategy in 2014?

I don’t know if you had time to relax and make a retrospective of year 2013. But 2014 is already here, and it will be full of emerging trends and marketing, sales, communication, business development challenges, and much more.

For the Exo B2B team, 2013 helped initiate and develop its own strategic reflection based on five marketing key concepts: segmentation, targeting, positioning, differentiation and innovation.

This reflection has enabled us to develop a clear marketing strategy, create and publish efficient marketing and sales tools and launch new targeted products and services, including ExoLab.

Tools to develop a structured marketing strategy

If you plan also to optimize your marketing strategy this year and you have not had the time to relax in 2013 to assess or simply create yours, don’t worry. It is never too late to do so. You can start by asking yourself a few simple questions like:

  • What conclusions you draw up of 2013?
  • Did you achieve your sales goals?
  • Who are your target customers for 2014?
  • How do you stand out from your competitors?
  • On what basis will you develop your marketing and sales tools in 2014?

If you want to push your reflection further, I suggest you read the blog post that my colleague David has recently written about the importance of strategic planning in a business plan.

You can also visit the website of info entrepreneur’s organization that offers an interesting guide on the subject of this post.

You will also find ways to initiate a specific B2B approach in this guide: 5 questions to successfully develop your B2B marketing strategy.

In closing, I want to wish you on my own behalf and on behalf of all the ExoTypes a prosperous 2014 year, so that you can move to your next level of growth.

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