David Lepage

David Lepage
Content Creator

Don’t Panic.
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Involved in various projects and businesses, David have always been striving to leave an impression where he went, while continuously developing his potential and his knowledge. Joining the Exo team is the culmination of his experience across many industries, and an opportunity to put his writing and creativity in the spotlight.

While still in his early twenties, David soon discovered he had the entrepreneurial spirit and cofounded a small business, doing websites and graphic design. What he learned there helped him grow another business he cofounded: a pet store. He developed digital marketing strategies that disrupted an industry still focused on local, brick-and-mortar trade.

Soon after the financial crisis in 2008, David decided to go back to the corporate world and eventually became a MarCom Copywriter for Philips’ exterior lighting division. This is where he began blogging and writing more, and also started to collaborate with Exo B2B.

During the following years, David did some freelance work and got to learn more about communications and marketing. He seized the opportunity to write for TC and La Presse, among other media, and also worked as a Webmaster, contributing to major digital marketing and ecommerce projects.

Proudly geek, a member of Mensa, an advocate of the latest technological trends, and an enthusiast of business and entrepreneurship, David is always trying to get out of his comfort zone to learn more about everything. As a Content Creator at Exo B2B, he now gets to share his knowledge and discover new industries.