Jean Gougeon
Creative Director

Design is art with a purpose

Joining a team like Exo B2B gave me the opportunity to work closely with a multi-disciplined groupe of professionals on diverse web and print projects. Working with this highly specialized team on a daily basis is an enriching learning experience.

My primary role is to create unique and professional web interfaces and user experiences as well as design traditional marketing tools. I also do front-end web development, a skill that allows me to fine tune the user web experience directly in the code.

What I like the most about my job is to sit around a table, brainstorm ideas, concepts or design direction, listen to what the client needs, return to my desk and create innovative web sites, logos, flyers or whatever the mandate might be.

The biggest challenge designing for B2B is to portray credibility throughout the marketing tools and not fall too much into the “trendiness” trap that is more suited for B2C. The design objective is to instill confidence for the user and to tell a story as clearly and efficiently as possible.

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